Principal Investigator

Prof. Kyung-Ho Roh
is the principal investigator for the Molecular and Cellular Immunoengineering Laboratory (MCIL) at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). He is an Assistant Professor in the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department at UAH. Immediately before joining UAH, Dr. Roh worked as a Research Scientist in the Biomedical Engineering Department at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University (PI: Dr. Krishnendu Roy), and he also served as a Program Manager for the National Cell Manufacturing Consortium. Before then, he studied for 5 years in the School of Medicine at Stanford University for his postdoctoral study on T cell immunology (PI: Dr. Mark M. Davis).

Ph.D. The University of Michigan (2008)

M.S. Seoul National University (2000)

B.S. Seoul National University (1998)


Dr. Jina Je

Ph.D. Yonsei University (2011)
B.S. Yonsei University (2005)

Graduate Students

Abhinav Ayyadevara

Ph.D. student in Biotechnology

M.S. in Biological Sciences

University of Alabama in Huntsville (2017)

Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (2010) 

Armin Ahmadi

Ph.D. student in Chemical and Materials Engineering

M.S. in Chemical Engineering (Major: Biotechnology)

Sharif University of Technology (2015)

B.S. in Chemical Engineering

Sharif University of Technology (2011)

Héctor Sá
nchez Moran
M.S. student in Chemical and Materials Engineering

B.S. in Chemical Engineering
University of Salamanca (2016)

Lauren Stokes
M.S. student in Chemical and Materials Engineering

B.S. in Biological Sciences
University of Alabama in Huntsville (2013)

Veena Vinod
M.S. student in Biological Sciences

Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology
New Horizon College of Engineering, V.T.U (2015)

Rachel Twigg
(Co-advisor: Prof. Chang-kwon Kang at MAE)
M.S. student in Mechanical Engineering

B.S. in Marine Biology
Auburn University (2015)

Undergraduate Students

Jania Williams
Sophomore in Mechanical Engineering

Former Lab Members
  • Aaron Sears, B.S. (2017 Spring-Summer, Current: Epic Systems Corp.)
  • Joowon Lee, B.S. (2017 Summer-Fall)
  • Kennedy Miller, undergraduate (2017 Summer)
  • Jet Tan, B.S. (2017 Summer-Spring 2018, Current: Tokyo Electron Limited, Ltd)
  • Bruna Mendonca, undergraduate (2018 Spring-Summer)